Jen is not just an incredible healer but an an awesome and pure hearted human being… so happy to have worked with you over these last 2 years and so inspired to see you launch your business…

You Rock Sister…

One Love. One Heart. One Human Family…

Jerry Sargeant, Star Magic

I was lucky enough to have a healing session with Jen.  The experience at the time was deeply relaxing, however what happened within the experience/session told me clearly that something profound was taking place… and sharing with Jen later confirmed this… we both had the same visualization, a powerful one, I had not shared this part of my, I’ll say ‘journey’, when Jen told me what she had seen during the session and it was as I had also seen… blew me away. 

Jen held the space with an eloquent perfection., I felt deeply cared for and safe.

Jen provides continuing support after the session itself as these healing’s unfold over the next few days and the healing has been more apparent.  My enthusiasm returned and I felt a rejuvenation taking place.

In all I have to say that Jen has helped me shift many a layer and I will be back for more.

Sally, UK

Wow what an awesome session. I’d like to thank you for your efforts and diligence. 

I feel very clear today. Your descriptions were bang on the money and I feel like some big shifts have taken place. I can’t thank you enough – Clearly you are gifted.

I am inspired by your standards.

Blessings and love

Andrew, UK

I recently received a healing from Jen and wanted to share my experiences. 

Jen and I hooked up on Skype before the session where we talked about what I hoped to gain from the experience. I found her very attentive and receptive and I felt very connected with her even before the we started. During the healing I felt massive movement around my heart area. At times it felt heavy and restrictive, then the energy would break through and expand this area. It felt like flickering fire at times. 

After the healing we chatted and Jen gave me her feedback which was beautiful, informative and very helpful. She even saw one of my loved ones, a member of my family and was able to give me guidance regarding a situation I have playing out at the moment. Throughout the experience I felt very safe, secure and nurtured and I found Jen incredibly trustworthy, sincere, warm and loving. 

Everything you could want from a healing really.

Rachel, UK

During the session itself, I did sense energetic movement in and around my body. It was definitely a tangible feeling, I felt deeply relaxed and feel asleep! 

The night after the session I had amazing vivid dreams and I awoke in the morning feeling fresh and vibrant. I feel that my energies have been realigned and have come back ten fold. My mojo is back!

Very impressed, and encouraging. I will let you know how I feel the rest of the day/week. 

Thank you very much Jen.

Jason, USA

I had actually been wanting to find someone trustworthy and gifted when Jen synchronistically appeared!  

Incredibly Jen honed in immediately to the area of concern which was the central and digestive area. I could feel a warm energy moving here from about 5 minutes into the treatment. I could sense the presence of Jen sweeping energy downwards away to rebalance my system. I felt comfortably warm and then had a tingling sensation in my head. Jen sensed that my solar plexus chakra was totally blocked, which aligns with my physical symptoms and with other intuitive readings that I have had. 

I didn’t sleep too well afterwards, I felt that the energies were restructuring, and when I closed my eyes I kept seeing the warm sunset colours of the lower chakras! Jen also received information that confirmed some dietary queries I had. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jen, she is obviously a very powerful healer.

Red UK

I immediately felt comfortable with Jen sharing what issues I wanted to work on (grounding in the body). She was warm, encouraging and approached my healing with a loving enthusiasm. 

I felt quite sleepy in the session and didn’t notice anything that stood out. When Jen reported back to me what she had experienced she had tapped into strong visual metaphors that related to my my life and how I was feeling. She then intuitively grounded me by sort of plugging my feet into the earth to receive the nutrition that grounding provides. 

Since the healing I started working on my feet in a very physical way, starting to release tension and realign my toes. Jens healing helped to kick start my project of re-awakening my feet – which I believe is the starting point to grounding in the body.

Zena, UK

I have not ventured into the world of healing before but wanted to clear a skin condition on my face.

I love the way she gently explains what she does and then puts you at ease. In the first session I quickly relaxed into a deep calm and meditative state. I had a couple of strange images pop into my head briefly, the first was a head of a dolphin (I am certainly NOT a ‘dolphin’ kind of person so this was a little strange). Then to my left side I clearly ‘saw’ the feet of two people come into the room. Later, I felt a kind of pressure where my skin condition is. I can only think that was the time that Jen was focussing on it.

What was very remarkable was that I did not mention the images to Jen, but when talking about her viewpoint after the healing, she said she saw two young dolphins playing around and also felt other entities come into the room to help with the healing. I nearly fell off my chair! After the session I felt amazingly calm and grounded. Results? As I write this, here is a marked improvement in my condition. Thanks Jen!

John, UK

During the session I experienced a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. . . I definitely felt tingling sensations through out my body, which was nice. I felt flutters in my throat area too. I was amazed that I experienced an adjustment take place in my hip joint which is an ongoing issue for me, and when the healing finished I felt really uplifted. 

Rebekah, UK
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