“It’s never too late to elevate, liberate and rejuvenate your soul“


All dis-ease, chronic injury and dysfunction are symptoms of blockage on some level, be that mental, physical or emotional and the pain can be felt on many levels.

We often unwittingly harbour negative beliefs about ourselves and the world around us deep within our subconscious mind. Over time these beliefs, habits and stories can become hardwired into our psych and can effect us by running thought looping patterns that induce negative self talk, lack of confidence and the inability to focus.

Physical blockages may consist of DNA mutation or dysfunction, muscle memory which can pull bones out of alignment, scar tissues restricting nerves and blood flow, interstitial fluid blockages and even blood toxicity.

Emotional blockages may include stagnant energy, viruses, stuck emotions and distortions such as anger, grief, resentment or guilt, the inability to love oneself and feeling unworthy. Whether it is on an emotional, physical or mental level, these can block our ability to move forward in life and prevent us from accessing and unlocking our ability to heal at a cellular level.


I work intuitively within the quantum field of Divine Consciousness, tapping into the universal energy patterns to look beyond the physical body and bring to the surface the deepest and most ingrained blocks that are ready to be released and healed on the mental, physical and emotional level.

Each Alchemical process that takes place within the session comes through in many creative, innovative and fabulous ways.

I work with your Unique Divine Blueprint, each session may include Star Magic Healing, Source Codes, Harmonics, Deep Relaxation Meditation, Crystals with clear Intention with a focus on Light Language as a vehicle for change and instant healing, so that you can experience life to it’s highest potential.


Through the intuitive use of Soul Light Languages, a heart and soul conversation is able to take place as ego is blocked from interfering.

Light Language is a Multidimensional Quantum Sound Healing tool that can work on the many fabrications of your lifetimes at once. . . it bypasses the logical brain and goes beyond the subconscious mind allowing for non interference deeming it, in my opinion, the most efficient and beautiful healing gift on the planet that is accessible to everyone.

Light language is a harmonic symphony of universal intelligence expressing itself through codes of frequency, light and movement. . . these can be spoken, sung, intoned, signed and written – with each transmission being unique to the receiver and their needs. . . it is pure source L.O.V.E. . . the highest ‘Level Of Vibrational Energy’ heart medicine.

To receive this transmission we keep our perceptions in flow, it is not digested through our analytical mind nor understood by linear linguistic explanations. . . rather we experience this light language as resonance through our senses by simply relaxing, breathing and feeling, we drop into our heart space and be open and willing to receive what we need.

This free form of healing can be very powerful and in essence it is an attunement which has the potential to act as a catalyst towards profound and beneficial changes in every area of your life. 

Light language is not something new. Words and sounds contain vibrations and when they are used with powerful intentions, they become healing tools. Words, songs, and sounds were used in healing practices in ancient times. Evidence of Language which contains power have been mentioned in The Hermetica, The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.

Through this brief Light Language transmission available here, allow yourself to be taken on a unique “EXPERIENCE” of profound and proven deep level healing as the “Light Languages” channeled by Jen speak direct to your Heart and Soul. Jen’s exceptional process will assist you to remove subconscious life blocks, creating realignment across physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes to bring a sense of peace, calm and clarity.


Healing is exponential and often happens in the most beautiful and unexpected ways – Expect the unexpected.

“Are you ready and willing to release these blocks that no longer serve you so that you can begin to unfold into the best version of you?”
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