“What truly nourishes us is our highest joy, living our purpose and expressing the fullness of who we truly are.” 

I grew up in the English countryside a creative and curious child. I would spend much of my time outdoors and barefoot in nature, I was literally in my ‘element’, day dreaming of mystical creatures and far away lands. I knew from an early age that my reality was not quite all as it seemed and I would spend years exploring my outside world searching for answers. 

My path has led me to travel the globe on a journey that has taken me deep into the depths of self inquiry and far beyond my physical body. . . I sought answers through philosophy, metaphysics, quantum mechanics and the esoteric and many ‘Woo Woo’ practices.

We all have moments in our life that are here to initiate us. This is our souls calling to work towards a path of healing. Following a serious spinal condition, I was propelled into finding a way to trust and heal myself. It was a long journey full of teachings and revelations, but vital to be able to mend and continue working as a Hair and Makeup artist

I delved deeper into my lifelong research, I learnt about nutrition, meditation, psychology, body movement and brain entrainment and trained as an energy healer using Colour, Sound, Crystals, Reiki and Light Therapy. Slowly I began to mend.

But something was still missing, I wanted to be able to help people shift, to let them remember who they are, to feel the deep peace and self love I know they can. And I wanted that for myself too. 

I saw the benefits in all of these approaches, but it wasn’t until I trained with Jerry Sargeant as an advanced Star Magic Healing facilitator did I rediscover my creativity and understood the power of my own ‘knowing’, that I really saw the transformation in myself. 

 I completed a further immersive training with world renowned NASA Physicist and Quantum Healer Tom Campbell, who puts the science behind the ‘Woo Woo’. . . and finally, once I experienced and trusted what I had learnt, I realised all the wisdom I was looking for was actually inside of me. . . it’s inside all of us.

It is through my own healing journey and self realisation that I discovered the keys to unlocking my true potential and finally accepting and loving my true authentic self.

My life has totally shifted and so too, can yours.

Which brings me to where I am today. I feel I have come full circle . . . totally in love with my life with my childlike curiosity walking the path of authenticity and in health. I continue to travel, create and explore this wonderful world together with my husband Steve ‘my wizard’ and I am blessed to have three beautiful step children enriching my life.

I believe health is largely what we choose to think, what we put into our bodies and the environment we live in. But its also about being true to who we are, accepting and allowing the full expression of ourselves to bloom and to truly love ourselves unconditionally.

“Are you ready to elevate, liberate and rejuvenate your soul?“
What I Offer